Kiboko Guesthouse

In Chyulu Hills Park: Kiboko guesthouse is located outside the Chyulu Hills National Park, 59 km from the Park's Kithasyo Gate.

Accommodation: a three bedroom guesthouse; 1st bedroom with one double bed, 2nd bedroom with one single bed, 3rd bedroom with one single bed. Bathroom: there is one bathroom with shower and water-closet. Sitting room: there is a furnished sitting room.

Dining area: there is an open-plan dining area. Kitchen: equipped with stove, kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery and glasses. Provided: caretaker, kerosene lamps (no electricity), blankets, pillows, bed linen, mosquito nets, towels, soap and toilet tissue.

Park highlights: exploring the forests, hills, lava flows and caves of the Park. Activities: day trips to Chyulu Hills National Park. There is also a nature trail near the guesthouse.

How to get there: by road from Nairobi: the turn off for Kiboko guesthouse is 150 km from Nairobi on the Nairobi-Mombasa road. The guesthouse (and campsite) is signposted to the left immediately before Hunter's Lodge and is 500 m off the Mombasa road.

Kiboko guesthouse to Chyulu Hills National Park: from the guesthouse rejoin the Mombasa road heading south. After 50 km, at Kibwezi, the Park HQ and Kithasyo Gate are signposted to the right. Kithasyo Gate is 9 km from the Kibwezi turnoff.

Roads: the guesthouse can be reached with 2WD. Kithasyo Gate can be reached with 2WD but driving within the Park requires 4WD.

Open: daily 6.00am - 7.00pm including public holidays.

Note: no entry is allowed on foot and visitors will not be allowed entry after 6.15pm.